photography workshops of utah

no experience necessary – we cater to the beginners !


Ever find that your photos aren’t turning out as great as you would like them to?

Do you own a fancy DSLR camera, but just end up using it on auto mode?

You are basically paying a lot of money for a point & shoot camera!

We all love professional photos of our children but cannot always afford to hire a photographer.

With, you become like the pro! These photo workshops will teach you easy ways to make your photos look better.

Sure, you could take a photography class at the college or scour internet forums for advice, but frankly as parents we just don’t have the time.

You will walk away with the understanding of how to use your camera to it’s full potential to create photographs that look professional. 



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Give Mom something she can use for years ! Give her a photography workshop. Don't miss out on the upcoming workshops. Let Mom take control of her camera just in time for spring break, Easter, and Mother's Day! (And Dad's, this is a great early Mother's Day gift for the mom in your life!)


ISO - the amount of light the sensor uses effectively. Learn to shoot in low light by adjusting your ISO levels.

shutter speeds

Shutter speeds control motion - Learn to freeze the motion or allow item to blur thru the frame to show movement

depth of field

aperture gives us depth of field. its the difference between seeing details behind your focal point or seeing a blur ! learn how to control your depth of field.
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